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We bottle our extra virgin, organic olive oil under the brand names “Isul” which include:

1. There are many benefits for your health, which you can find in an extra virgin, organic olive oil.
2. A unique aroma and taste, certified through the prizes we have won with our extra virgin, organic olive oil.
3. The total absence of harmful chemical residues in our extra virgin, organic olive oil is accomplished by our methods practiced in organic agriculture on our olive grove.
4. A durable stability (means how long the products stay in perfect condition, referring to taste, but analytic values, too). The stability can be influenced positively through the use of our own olive grove (in the north of Spain) and through the processing methods.

5. The oleic acid value tends to be the most ideal fatty acid.
6. We cultivate the variety Arbequina, which is valued for its excellent taste.
7. An important product that is vital in the Mediterranean cuisine.

Our analysis:

-Acidity: 0,10 (Máximum 0,80)

-Index of peroxide: 4,10 (Máximum 20)

-K-232: 1,51 (Máximum 2,50)

-K-270: 0,08 (Máximum 0,22)

-Wax Content: 32 (Máximum 150)

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