Family business-Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1)

With the following comments we will summarize all that our olive oil
company features, which make us produce an excellent, organic extra
virgin olive oil, known under the brand names “Isul”, a prestigious and
authentic olive oil, which combines all healthy and culinary properties, that
an extra virgin olive oil should contain, in only one product.
We are a family business with three brothers. With the goal to run a
constant business for a long time, the descendants Isaac and Saúl are
already introduced into all farming practices and production processes,
which will be carried out at the moment they finish their studies.
-We are an olive oil company with an own olive grove, which is located
in Alfaro (La Rioja).
-We are an olive oil company with our own olive mill. It is an organically
operated olive mill in La Rioja.
– Cultivation and the production are performed organically without any
residues, which are harmful for your health.
– The harvest begins early and is carried out with a lot of care.
-The cleaning process is carried out immediately after collecting the
olive fruits.
-The olive oil is extracted under low temperatures.
– All the objects which come into contact with the oil and the fruits during
processing are made of stainless steel.
-When producing olive oil we prefer to focus more on quality than on
-We manufacture only one type of olive oil: organic, extra virgin olive oil.
The extract of the olive fruit.

We do not filter the olive oil and perform the cleaning process through natural
decantation. Apart from this we avoid the contact between our olive oil,
light and air as much as possible, as they are the main enemies for the olive

Brothers Catalan

Brothers Catalan



Degustation – ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Excellent degustation in Bilbao 29-september-2016

Cook: Gastro Lopithekus – Enaitz

ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Visited by 12 students – Tokyio-Japan

19-Sep-2016, we were visited by 12 students of Ms. NAOMI YAMADA

Master of Spanish cuisine in Tokyo – Japan


ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The quality of extra virgin olive oil is determined by climate, the agricultural land, the healthy olive, immediate grinding of the olive once it is picked, cold manufacturing and appropriate storage. The failure of just one of these stages means an irreversible loss in quality.

The organoleptic value (those properties that can be perceived by our senses) decreases the longer the product remains in its packaging. Thus we recommend that the oil is consumed as soon as possible.

The packaging is done when the order is placed so that the minimum period of time possible passes between storage and consumption

The oil is packaged without filtering to prevent wastage of its taste and aroma, so small olive particles may appear in the bottom of the bottle.

Keep in a dark, dry place away from strong smells. In cold environments the oil may solidify, but its liquid state is recovered upon an increase in temperature.

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