Family business-Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2)

With the following comments we will summarize all that our olive oil

company features, which make us produce an excellent, organic extra

virgin olive oil, known under the brand names “Isul”, a prestigious and

authentic olive oil, which combines all healthy and culinary properties, that

an extra virgin olive oil should contain, in only one product.


– The physical and chemical values of our olive oil are much under the

maximum permitted values for extra virgin olive oils. Actually the physical

and chemical parameters of our extra virgin olive oil can be compared

with the values you could find inside an olive fruit.

Our analysis:

-Acidity: 0,09

-Index of peroxide: 3,95

-K-232: 1,46

-K-270: 0,12

-Wax content: 32,7


– We achieve excellent test result, certificated through prizes, every year.

Our olive oil company won with our organic, extra virgin olive oil “Isul” at

the olive oil competition Ecoliva-Jaén in the year 2000.

The newest ones:

2011 – Award from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

2012 – Award in Top 25 – Biopress – Germany

2013 – Award in Ecotrama – Cordoba (Andalusia)

2014 – Award Mezquita – Cordoba (Andalusia)

2015 – Award AVPA – Paris (France)

2016 – Membership into the guide Flos Olei 2016


A durable stability (means how long the products stay in perfect

condition, referring to taste, but analytic values, too). The stability can be

influenced positively through the use of our own olive grove (in the north

of Spain) and through the processing methods.


-The oleic acid value tends to be the optimal maximum (fatty acid)


– Cultivating the variety Arbequina, this is valued for its excellent taste.


-The importance of the product, as it is vital in the Mediterranean cuisine.


An interesting fact about olive oil is that there are so many combinations of

different tastes and aromas depending on the varieties of the olive fruit and

other factors. For instance, the place of cultivation, either irrigated or dry,

the time the fruit is harvested, microclimate, the condition of the growing

region, etc.)

When buying an olive oil you should make sure, that you get an extra

virgin olive oil, which is very healthy but also suits you best concerning the

perfect combination of preferred aroma and taste.

ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil