Cookery classes

Our olive oil ISUL, selected for a cooking Master Class with Cod, in Bilbao Maritime Museum (Bilbao). Master class of GASTROLOPITHEKUS, where, between other things, they tried to put in value, the importance of the election of a very good Extra virgin olive oil, in the elaboration of Pil Pil sauce, one of the top […]

ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our organic extra virgin olive oil under the brand name Isul include: 1-All benefits for your health, which you can find in an extra virgin olive oil . 2-A unique aroma and taste, qualified through the prizes we have won with our extra virgin, organic olive oil. 3-The total absence of harmful chemical residues in […]

Gold of medal in Biol 2017 – Italy

ISUL PRODUCED BY Almazara Ecológica De La Rioja SPAIN Was awarded Gold Medal in the XXII° edition of BIOL for the Best Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil in the World