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ISUL + Enaitz-062017ISUL + Enaitz-062017ISUL + Enaitz-062017ISUL + Enaitz-062017ISUL + Enaitz-062017

Our olive oil ISUL, selected for a cooking Master Class with Cod, in Bilbao Maritime Museum (Bilbao).

Master class of GASTROLOPITHEKUS, where, between other things, they tried to put in value, the importance of the election of a very good Extra virgin olive oil, in the elaboration of Pil Pil sauce, one of the top sauces in the Basque cuisine.

ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our organic extra virgin olive oil under the brand name Isul include:

1-All benefits for your health, which you can find in an extra virgin olive oil .

2-A unique aroma and taste, qualified through the prizes we have won with our extra virgin, organic olive oil.

3-The total absence of harmful chemical residues in our organic extra virgin olive oil due to methods practiced in organic agriculture on our olive grove.

Conventional farming abuses the use of fertilizers and pesticides, which are made of artificial chemicals. The farmers seem to have reduced costs but they are not aware of the residues accumulating in the ground, in the water and in the air as a result of using fertilizers, which decline the environmental balance and burden our nature.

Our olive grove is cultivated trough methods of organic agriculture based on regulations, which are regulated by the European Union, that determine the elimination of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and request their substitution with natural resources.

Herbicides: We don’t use them. There is a plant cover on the whole ground surface that we mow regularly. We mix up the cut plant remains with the soil to fertilize it, as they contain natural nutrients.

Pesticides and fertilizers: They are made of natural products and have to pass all the necessary tests required by the strict regulations of the European Union.

For us it is important to mention again, that we practice organic farming.

Our goal is to keep the natural balance on our olive grove and to reduce the use of the conventionally, authorized products as much as possible. To give you an example, the fight against an insect called bark beetle! After pruning the olive tree’s branches, we distribute them bundled all over the olive grove. As the insect prefers to infest weak branches for its nutrition and an easier reproduction process, it leaves the olive tree to transfer to the bundled branches, which subsequently decay and become weaker until they dry out. This is the moment when we collect all the bundles to burn them. Doing this we are able to control the insect infestation without using any conventional pesticides.

The methods of organic farming on our olive grove reduce the yield of olives in kilogram and per olive tree. For this reason the production costs arise, but in the fruit there are absolutely no residues that could affect the consumer’s health. It is important to understand that the organic farming reduces the risk of polluting the groundwater, air and different layers of soil with nitrates and other residues affecting the environmental balance, which is of vital importance for our health.

These kind of organic olives are made in our olive mill whereby we respect the environment that guides us throughout the development of all our activities. For instance, we try to reduce the water consumption to a minimum.

Fortunately the interest for environmentally friendly practices is going up and represents a growing concern for the conservation of our environment, to which we owe so much on one hand, but still damage on the other hand.

Our brand Isul combine the best of an organic olive oil and an extra virgin olive oil in only one product.

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Gold of medal in Biol 2017 – Italy

PRODUCED BY Almazara Ecológica De La Rioja SPAIN
Was awarded Gold Medal in the XXII° edition of BIOL
for the Best Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil in the World
ISUL Biol-2017


We are three brothers, who monitor the necessary processes starting from the organic cultivation of the olive grove, the extraction, to the maintenance and the bottling of the olive oil, and we finally combine in only one type of olive oil, which we produce under the brand name “ISUL” . The following attributes

-An exceptional taste and aroma, which makes it, wherever offered, a gastronomical product of high quality.

-The total absence of harmful residues and it is an organic product.

-Valuable attributes of an extra virgin olive oil, which provide excellent health benefits and therapeutic efficacy. It is a healthy product that can provide a healthy and balanced nutrition.

We will summarize the benefits of our olive oil below:

The extra virgin olive oil is an extraction of the olive fruit (practically the only vegetable oil which is produced through a mechanical process) and an essential element of the Mediterranean cuisine. Here, in this region, we prepare almost all the dishes with it, as it is used preventively against a variety of illnesses. Let’s name some of them: high cholesterol level, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and digestive system disorders, hypertension, obesity, etc. We should also mention the curative and preventive success referring to several illnesses: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, metabolic disease, etc. Altogether this food is made for everyone and for every age group. It has a positive impact on the bone development and is essential, especially in the first years of a child’s life, as it supports calcium absorption and helps to reduce bone demineralization caused by age.

To prevent the above mentioned illnesses completely, we of course have to quit our sedentary and stressful lives that we unfortunately suffer from.

The Mediterranean diet (containing different variations of foods combined with olive oil) is a simple formation of eating habits, which has been followed for millions of years in their cultures. It has developed on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and provides us with all the necessary nutrition to stay healthy, prevents several diseases and increases life expectancy.

The gastronomic excellence and the health aspect make the extra virgin olive oil unsurpassable.

It is very healthy, because it is the only natural food which is mainly compiled from oleic acid (mono unsaturated fatty acid) and contains other nutrients, like vitamin E, antioxidants, as well as beta-carotene, which give our body the energy it needs to function, to improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and to ensure an adequate uptake of essential fatty acids.

The olive oil is used as a gastronomic product in the kitchen for dressing other foods, typically foods of the Mediterranean cuisine, like fish, vegetables, cereals and pulses. These foods contain healthy properties as well, so that the olive oil only enhances, but doesn’t alter the flavor.

It is the most commonly used food and salad dressing in the Mediterranean cuisine and among all the different qualities the extra virgin olive oil is the most recommended, especially when it is an organic olive oil. Added raw to salads, tinned food, escabeche, sauces, etc. it keeps its healthy and nutritional properties and enhances its characteristic taste and aroma.

The extra virgin olive oil fried can be heated up to 290ºC without burning. The deep-frying of extra virgin olive oil isn’t as aggressive to the foods nutrients as other cooking processes. A crust builds up around the food avoiding it becoming soaked, or that too much fat accumulates, and finally reduces the calorific value and its palatability (quality referring to the palatable taste).

Our extra virgin olive oil of high quality, which passed all the necessary tests (laboratory analysis and the corresponding test carried out by the official olive oil taste panel)   and is produced through only mechanical process, is an authentic extract of the olive fruit, unbeatable in its analysis and magnificent in its taste quality (taste and aroma) with all possible healthy properties which an olive oil obtains and that you can benefit from.

HEALTH - Isul Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Family business-Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2)

With the following comments we will summarize all that our olive oil

company features, which make us produce an excellent, organic extra

virgin olive oil, known under the brand names “Isul”, a prestigious and

authentic olive oil, which combines all healthy and culinary properties, that

an extra virgin olive oil should contain, in only one product.


– The physical and chemical values of our olive oil are much under the

maximum permitted values for extra virgin olive oils. Actually the physical

and chemical parameters of our extra virgin olive oil can be compared

with the values you could find inside an olive fruit.

Our analysis:

-Acidity: 0,09

-Index of peroxide: 3,95

-K-232: 1,46

-K-270: 0,12

-Wax content: 32,7


– We achieve excellent test result, certificated through prizes, every year.

Our olive oil company won with our organic, extra virgin olive oil “Isul” at

the olive oil competition Ecoliva-Jaén in the year 2000.

The newest ones:

2011 – Award from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

2012 – Award in Top 25 – Biopress – Germany

2013 – Award in Ecotrama – Cordoba (Andalusia)

2014 – Award Mezquita – Cordoba (Andalusia)

2015 – Award AVPA – Paris (France)

2016 – Membership into the guide Flos Olei 2016


A durable stability (means how long the products stay in perfect

condition, referring to taste, but analytic values, too). The stability can be

influenced positively through the use of our own olive grove (in the north

of Spain) and through the processing methods.


-The oleic acid value tends to be the optimal maximum (fatty acid)


– Cultivating the variety Arbequina, this is valued for its excellent taste.


-The importance of the product, as it is vital in the Mediterranean cuisine.


An interesting fact about olive oil is that there are so many combinations of

different tastes and aromas depending on the varieties of the olive fruit and

other factors. For instance, the place of cultivation, either irrigated or dry,

the time the fruit is harvested, microclimate, the condition of the growing

region, etc.)

When buying an olive oil you should make sure, that you get an extra

virgin olive oil, which is very healthy but also suits you best concerning the

perfect combination of preferred aroma and taste.

ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Visit of our lady friend and customer: Ms. Malene (Denmark)

Visit our olive grove and olive oil mill of Malene with two lady friends.

ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Family business-Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1)

With the following comments we will summarize all that our olive oil
company features, which make us produce an excellent, organic extra
virgin olive oil, known under the brand names “Isul”, a prestigious and
authentic olive oil, which combines all healthy and culinary properties, that
an extra virgin olive oil should contain, in only one product.
We are a family business with three brothers. With the goal to run a
constant business for a long time, the descendants Isaac and Saúl are
already introduced into all farming practices and production processes,
which will be carried out at the moment they finish their studies.
-We are an olive oil company with an own olive grove, which is located
in Alfaro (La Rioja).
-We are an olive oil company with our own olive mill. It is an organically
operated olive mill in La Rioja.
– Cultivation and the production are performed organically without any
residues, which are harmful for your health.
– The harvest begins early and is carried out with a lot of care.
-The cleaning process is carried out immediately after collecting the
olive fruits.
-The olive oil is extracted under low temperatures.
– All the objects which come into contact with the oil and the fruits during
processing are made of stainless steel.
-When producing olive oil we prefer to focus more on quality than on
-We manufacture only one type of olive oil: organic, extra virgin olive oil.
The extract of the olive fruit.

We do not filter the olive oil and perform the cleaning process through natural
decantation. Apart from this we avoid the contact between our olive oil,
light and air as much as possible, as they are the main enemies for the olive

Brothers Catalan

Brothers Catalan



Degustation – ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Excellent degustation in Bilbao 29-september-2016

Cook: Gastro Lopithekus – Enaitz

ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Visited by 12 students – Tokyio-Japan

19-Sep-2016, we were visited by 12 students of Ms. NAOMI YAMADA

Master of Spanish cuisine in Tokyo – Japan


ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The quality of extra virgin olive oil is determined by climate, the agricultural land, the healthy olive, immediate grinding of the olive once it is picked, cold manufacturing and appropriate storage. The failure of just one of these stages means an irreversible loss in quality.

The organoleptic value (those properties that can be perceived by our senses) decreases the longer the product remains in its packaging. Thus we recommend that the oil is consumed as soon as possible.

The packaging is done when the order is placed so that the minimum period of time possible passes between storage and consumption

The oil is packaged without filtering to prevent wastage of its taste and aroma, so small olive particles may appear in the bottom of the bottle.

Keep in a dark, dry place away from strong smells. In cold environments the oil may solidify, but its liquid state is recovered upon an increase in temperature.

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