We are three brothers, who monitor the necessary processes starting from the organic cultivation of the olive grove, the extraction, to the maintenance and the bottling of the olive oil, and we finally combine in only one type of olive oil, which we produce under the brand name “ISUL” . The following attributes

-An exceptional taste and aroma, which makes it, wherever offered, a gastronomical product of high quality.

-The total absence of harmful residues and it is an organic product.

-Valuable attributes of an extra virgin olive oil, which provide excellent health benefits and therapeutic efficacy. It is a healthy product that can provide a healthy and balanced nutrition.

We will summarize the benefits of our olive oil below:

The extra virgin olive oil is an extraction of the olive fruit (practically the only vegetable oil which is produced through a mechanical process) and an essential element of the Mediterranean cuisine. Here, in this region, we prepare almost all the dishes with it, as it is used preventively against a variety of illnesses. Let’s name some of them: high cholesterol level, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and digestive system disorders, hypertension, obesity, etc. We should also mention the curative and preventive success referring to several illnesses: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, metabolic disease, etc. Altogether this food is made for everyone and for every age group. It has a positive impact on the bone development and is essential, especially in the first years of a child’s life, as it supports calcium absorption and helps to reduce bone demineralization caused by age.

To prevent the above mentioned illnesses completely, we of course have to quit our sedentary and stressful lives that we unfortunately suffer from.

The Mediterranean diet (containing different variations of foods combined with olive oil) is a simple formation of eating habits, which has been followed for millions of years in their cultures. It has developed on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and provides us with all the necessary nutrition to stay healthy, prevents several diseases and increases life expectancy.

The gastronomic excellence and the health aspect make the extra virgin olive oil unsurpassable.

It is very healthy, because it is the only natural food which is mainly compiled from oleic acid (mono unsaturated fatty acid) and contains other nutrients, like vitamin E, antioxidants, as well as beta-carotene, which give our body the energy it needs to function, to improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and to ensure an adequate uptake of essential fatty acids.

The olive oil is used as a gastronomic product in the kitchen for dressing other foods, typically foods of the Mediterranean cuisine, like fish, vegetables, cereals and pulses. These foods contain healthy properties as well, so that the olive oil only enhances, but doesn’t alter the flavor.

It is the most commonly used food and salad dressing in the Mediterranean cuisine and among all the different qualities the extra virgin olive oil is the most recommended, especially when it is an organic olive oil. Added raw to salads, tinned food, escabeche, sauces, etc. it keeps its healthy and nutritional properties and enhances its characteristic taste and aroma.

The extra virgin olive oil fried can be heated up to 290ºC without burning. The deep-frying of extra virgin olive oil isn’t as aggressive to the foods nutrients as other cooking processes. A crust builds up around the food avoiding it becoming soaked, or that too much fat accumulates, and finally reduces the calorific value and its palatability (quality referring to the palatable taste).

Our extra virgin olive oil of high quality, which passed all the necessary tests (laboratory analysis and the corresponding test carried out by the official olive oil taste panel)   and is produced through only mechanical process, is an authentic extract of the olive fruit, unbeatable in its analysis and magnificent in its taste quality (taste and aroma) with all possible healthy properties which an olive oil obtains and that you can benefit from.

HEALTH - Isul Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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