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With the following comments we will summarize all that our olive oil company features, which make us produce an excellent, organic extra virgin olive oil, known under the brand names “Isul”, a prestigious and authentic olive oil, which combines all healthy and culinary properties, that an extra virgin olive oil should contain, in only one product.

ISUL our organic extra virgin olive oil is made from the olive fruit in our farm El Cascajo, an olive grove with limestone soil located between Mount de Yerga and the Ebro River in Alfaro (La Rioja). This influence of Mediterranean, Atlantic and Continental climates, combined with the large temperature contrast between day and night and our passion and dedication, creates this unique olive oil. It tastes of green and ripe fruit that bring a well-balanced and exquisite flavor. ISUL is an excellent, tasty, and organic olive oil which is simply perfect for a healthy diet. To prepare 1 liter of ISUL, 7 kg of 100 % organic and semi ripe olives, which are at their ideal level of maturation, are needed. After careful selection and cold working, this creates a perfect flavor and taste so that it may be eaten raw, or with any variety of dishes.

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Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Ecológico. Intenso, armonioso y equilibrado